Modec vane air motor

Product characteristics

  • Power range from 40 to 3000 W
  • Both directions possible (right turn, left turn, reversible)
  • Compact design
  • Long life expectancy
  • Easy maintenance
  • Special adaptations on request

Modec air motors have been used for 20 years as an alternative to traditional electrical motors in many applications where specific constraints are apparent such as in the chemical, petrochemical and automotive industries. The motors are designed to be modular construction, this allows all standard motors to be assembled and supplied to customers within shortened lead times, whilst also providing the possibility of special output shaft and mounting flanges configured to suit the direct replacement of other manufactures units without the need to re-engineer the motor interface. The modular construction continues throughout the motor with the design of planetary reduction gear units allowing for speeds ranging from 95rpm to 5117rpm at maximum power on the latest MT30 3kW motor and stall torques of up to 630Nm. Standard options include right angled head attachments on the 50W to 1.7kW ranges negating the need to mount a separate gear box to redirect the output shaft.