Bansbach intelligent damper: easyERF

Electronic adjustable dampers according to electro rheological technology

The Bansbach® easyERF dampers are extremely quick and efficient dampers with a broad application field. Its innovation potential is the electronically adjustable damping intensity and the reaction time within milliseconds. Advantages of the damper: no wear and tear, maintenance-free, high reliability.

  • Continuously variable; a complete characteristic damper field is available
  • Digital control; by adapting the electrical input signal, the damping can be adjusted; either with PWM-standard or with 0 - 4 V analog signal. SPS is possible; supply 24 V DC
  • Response characteristics; the required damper force can be realised with a reaction time of only few milliseconds
  • Noiseless and maintenance-free; no "laminar flow noises", no "whistling noises", no moveable valve parts
  • energy-efficient; low consumption; high efficiency